Prohibited Items



These goods can be deadly, injure seriously or kill people and damage property and the environment (UPU 2014).

These items are not accepted in mail items:
Explosives such as fireworks
Aerosol spray cans and other compressed gases
Oil paints and other flammable products
Corrosive materials such as mercury.
Lithium batteries

Dangerous goods and prohibited items
Prohibited articles are any postal items that contain:
Living creatures – except those approved by the relevant authority
Any obscene or immoral article
Radio-active material, whether in solid, liquid or gaseous state
Pathological specimens except those approved by the relevant authority
Currency or bank notes whether Counterfeit or not.

Contains or bears…
Fictitious stamp
Counterfeit impression of a franking machine
Counterfeit of any impression authorised by or under the Post Office’s regulations, to be used to denote payment of postage fees

Metal fastener with sharp edges likely:
To cause injury to an officer of the Post Office dealing with such article, or
To obstruct or impede the performance of any postal operation

For more information on prohibited articles and inland/overseas Letter Post regulations, contact your nearest Post Office.