Registered Mail

This service provides customers with the facility to track their mail items through the system. Customers should allow for a minimum of (5) days for delivery.

The customer is required to complete the local Registration Form before proceeding to the cashier.

Persons posting in excess of 7 registered letters at one posting will be issued with a temporary receipt and are asked to return the following working day for the official receipt.

A customer requiring both tracking and speedy delivery, should request our Post Express Courier Service.

The use of the Registered Mail Service is also recommended for persons who need to copyright their intellectual property.

Registration fee: BDS $4.00

The cost to send a registered item comprises of the Registration Fee and the cost of postage [this is determined by the weight of the mail item].


Registration Service Notification


Above is an extract of a Notice of Receipt of a Registered Mail received with dutiable items.

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