Registration Service


Pictured At Left: Specimen of the Registration Envelope.

This service provided customers with the facility to track their items through the system.

Customers should allow for a minimum of five (5) days for delivery.

The customers are required to complete the Registration Form before proceeding to the cashier. Persons posting in excess of 7 registered letters at one posting will be issued with a temporary receipt and asked to return the following working day for the official receipt.

For customers requiring both tracking and a speedy delivery we recommend the use of the EMS Express Mail Service.

Please use our International Rate Calculator to find out your approximate postage.

Registration fee:
BDS $6.00 Single
BDS $20.00 Bulk Post Bags

The cost to send a registered item comprises of the Registration Fee and the cost of postage (this is determined by the country of destination and the weight of the item).