EMS Express Mail


Fast and affordable delivery of documents and merchandise.
Utilising the network of post offices worldwide.
Ask for the EMS Express Mail Service at all post offices.

EMS – the Express Mail Service – is the international courier service offered by post offices around the world to over 200 destinations.

Provides fast and affordable delivery for documents and merchandise!

Provides customers with:
Priority handling from acceptance to delivery
End-to-end tracking
Signature at delivery

Rates and Delivery Standards


Forwarding of parcels and EMS items internationally

As part of the international postal network and a member of the Universal Postal Union, the United Nations organisation is responsible for facilitating cooperation and collaboration between its member countries, Barbados is mandated to abide by its regulations and Act to ensure the safety of postal staff and airline passengers as mail is transported.

In an era of terrorism and the movement of illegal drugs, dangerous goods and prohibited items it is the requirement of the Barbados Postal Service that all mail items are free from contraband. To facilitate this, all parcels forwarded through the post are subject to seizure if they fail to comply with local and international restrictions. To this end, parcels and express non-document items, forwarded by mail, must be examined by postal personnel before being accepted for onward transmission on air carriers.

**We regret this inconvenience but MUST comply with international regulations.