Claims in regard of lost or damaged parcels should be submitted no earlier than one (1) month and preferably no later than four (4) months from the date of posting, using the form available from the Post Office counters and accompanied by the customer receipt obtained at the time of posting.

Any item which is received by the addressee in a damaged condition should be promptly reported by the addressee to the office of delivery, to assist in the settlement of any claim.

The Postmaster General may at his discretion provide limited compensation in respect of damaged Parcel Post items. Customers are advised to ensure that private insurance coverage is secured for high value items. Compensation is limited to the value specified in the regulations of the Universal Postal Union. Any such payment is made on an exgratia basis and does not imply any admission of liability.

The final decision in respect of all questions of compensation rests with the postal administration of the country or place in the service of which the loss or damaged occurred.

The Postmaster General is not liable to pay any compensation payments in respect of items failing to satisfy security checks to comply with the Civil Aviation and Maritime Security Act.