Integrated Product Plan


Letters and Parcels Are Reclassified

It is good-bye to the terms “letters” and “parcels” with the Universal Postal Union’s Integrated Product Plan (IPP), which classifies mail according to content among other considerations.


As a result of the IPP mail is categorised as either documents or goods.

This new classification system is compatible with requirements for modern security and customs by facilitating electronic advance data (EAD) – this is critical for offering the benefits of e-commerce to customers whether for business purposes or personal use.

IPP Reclassification

A document is defined as “any piece of written, drawn, printed or digital information excluding objects of merchandise whose physical specifications lie within the limits specified in the regulations.”

Documents are classified as follows:

Classification Weight Thickness  


Min. Max.
Small (P) Up to 100 g. 5 mm. 90 x 140 mm. 165 x 245 mm.
Large (G) Up to 500 g. 20 mm 90 x 140 mm. 305 x 381 mm.
Bulky (E) 500 g.- 2 kgs. Goods


In contrast, goods are defined as “any tangible and movable object other than money, including objects of merchandise, which does not fall under the definition of “document”…and whose physical specifications lie within the limits specified in the Regulations.”

Based on its content, the weight of a mail item containing “goods” can range from 0 to 30 kgs. This has implications for customers as duties apply to goods imported into Barbados. Only documents would be exempted.