Postage Paid Service – With License

How do I apply for this service?

Step 1:

Company requests permission to use the service from the Postmaster General.

Please click on the below form and complete it to apply.

BPS Service Subscription Application Form


Step 2:

Company is required to pay a license fee of $400.00 prior to the issue of the permit. This fee is renewable by 1 January of each year. The company is issued with their unique permit number and given a copy of the indicia which must be printed on a sample envelope by their printers. A specimen of an envelope/postal item bearing the INDICIA must be sent to Customer Services, General Post Office (GPO) for approval.

Step 3:

After approval is granted, the company is required to deposit with the Postmaster General a sum equivalent to twice their monthly posting costs, before being given permission to preprint the indicia on their envelopes and activating the service. (It is important to note that postage must be prepaid at all times).

Step 4:

In preparation for posting, the company is required to complete the Postage Paid docket to accompany the mail items. Items must be bundled in 100s or 50s. For easy checking, items to be distributed in Barbados should also be separated by parish. Mail to be posted overseas should be bundled and separated by country.

Step 5:

Postage Paid items MUST always be delivered to the Bulk Mail Section. At no time should they be placed in a mail box.

Step 6:

As items are mailed, the company’s account is adjusted and a statement is forwarded by the 15th of each month. It is advisable that as the balance is reduced, the company should submit a cheque to top-up their balance to ensure that funding is there to facilitate their next mailing.

The Postage Paid service is not a cheaper means of posting as the cost of mailing is dependent on the weight and destination. It is a means to pre-pay postage.