Franking Machine Services


How does the service work?

Step 1:

After identifying a franking machine supplier and before purchasing such equipment, the company applies to the Postmaster General for permission to use the service.

Step 2:

If permission is granted the applicant is forwarded the rules governing the service and is required to pay the annual license fee of $400.00 and renewal becomes payable on January 1 of each year in order to continue the use of the service.

Step 3:

After stage 2 is completed, permission is granted to use the service.

Step 4:

Company is required to bring the machine to the post office along with a cheque for the sum required to load on the machine. As the machine is used, it will be necessary to bring a cheque with the amount to be loaded on to the machine.

Step 5:

All mail must be brought to the post office on the date franked on the postal items.

The Postmaster General reserves the right to conduct unannounced audits on all machines.