Domestic Business Reply Service

Postage for all mail items must be paid in advance.

How does the service work?

Step 1:

Company applies to the Postmaster General for permission to use the service.

Step 2:

After approval, the company is required to pay the Permit Fee of $400.00 [must be renewed on January 1 of each year] and is issued with the sample indicia [linked to specimen] and their Domestic Business Reply Permit number.

Step 3

The company is required to have their printer produce a specimen of the indicia bearing their Domestic Business Reply Permit Number on an envelope.

Step 4

Specimen must be submitted to the Customer Services section of the General Post Office for approval, before receiving permission to print the indicia with their permit number on the company’s envelopes/cards.

Step 5:

After approval is granted, the company is required to open an account with the Postmaster General with adequate funds to cover the mailing. It is usually encouraged that the account should maintain a balance to facilitate their next posting. Pre-payment must be made, at time of posting, for both B2C [business to customer] and C2B [customer to business] posting. All cheques must be made payable to the Postmaster General.

Step 6:

After step 5 is completed, permission is granted to proceed with mailing under the following guidelines:

      • After permission has been granted to the specimen submitted for approval, at no time should changes be made to the envelope/card without prior permission from the Postmaster General.
        Mail must be accompanied by a cheque to cover the posting or the company must be the holder of an account with adequate funds to cover the mailing.
        A completed Docket must accompany the mail.
      • All Postage Paid mail items are subject to random testing to verify number of items posted.
      • Mail must be bundled by parish [for local posting] or country [for overseas posting].
      • Mail MUST be delivered to the Bulk Mail Section, General Post Office.
      • At NO time should mail be placed in a posting box or left on the ramp in the basement.


      Step 7:

      A Statement of the activity on the account is forwarded to the license holder by the 15th of the following month.

      Companies found in breach of these guidelines may have their permit cancelled.

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