Agency Services


Let us expand your payment-collection options.
Your bills can be paid at 19 Post Offices using our PostPay bill Payment Service.
This is a totally electronic and secure payment solution.

 Payments are processed via a robust electronic networked platform
 Client data receipt customised to your specifications
 Facilitation of bill enquiry information
 Same-day account updates
 Barcoded bills can be scanned
 Acceptance of arrears payments by your customers
 Acceptance of partial payments from your customers
 Acceptance of advance payments by your customers
 Company receives the remittances the next working day.
 More convenient payment processing locations for rural customers
 An internationally-recognised data security system
 Transaction receipts to your customers

We also provide payment solutions for companies who prefer to keep their client database private, while opting for the capture of specific information (name, account number and payment received).

We currently accept payments for:
 Barbados Light & Power
 Barbados Water Authority
 FLOW (formerly Cable & Wireless)
 FLOW Legacy
 National Petroleum Corporation
 Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (MCTV)
 Student Revolving Loan Fund

We cash:
 Government Pensions
 Welfare Grants
 National Insurance Benefit Cheques
 National Insurance Pension cheques

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